The Apocalypse Will Arrive on Harley-Davidsons

The Kindle edition of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett that I downloaded was a 2011 reprint edition from William Morrow (publisher) sold by Harper Collins Publishers. At four hundred thirty-three pages, the novel is such a huge collection of very funny stuff and observations that it is best read in segments. While you are reading something else. If you get bogged down in something a bit too serious (even a book!) you would have the comfortable knowledge that you have a collection of absurdities in reserve that can pull you out of dull situations.

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Mooning Over a Drink

Into Pieces by Milo Abrams is a 2016 Kindle Single downloaded through the Kindle Unlimited program. It is a story of family redemption and hope. It would only be unpredictable to a career alcoholic who might want to stick around and see if Robert will win his battle with alcohol.

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Mind and Body Control in the Hermit Kingdom

There Is No Us Without You by Suki Kim is a memoir of an author looking for her own self- identity. Some may consider it a novel of betrayal as the author admits that she took on a false identity to get access to a closed society in order to get the information presented here. She apologizes for that. I am in agreement that in some situations the end justifies the means; there was no other way to get the information presented here. This book shares a theme with The Girl With Seven Names by Hyeon Seo Lee. Both authors left Korea in their teenage years, both spent a lot of time in other countries and both had feelings of “coming home” when they were able to spend time upon their return to Korea (both North and South). Lee’s book is reviewed elsewhere in this blog. I read and reviewed both in preparation for meeting this author at the UBUD writers and readers conference in Bali, Indonesia from 27 to 31 October 2016.

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Extreme Gutter Politics

Schrödinger’s Cabinet by Adam K. Childs comes with a cast of characters described at the front of the book and labeled as Dramatis Personae. This is a nice thing to do; the reader can refer back to it but it is also daunting. Some readers may be put off by this if they try to read it first. Don’t do this. All the various government gobbledygook is confusing even to those who work or have worked in government. It is a nice list to refer back to, however.

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TLT: Empty promise

This is all too true in my area of the world. Couldn’t resist reblogging it.


three line tales week 36 servicephoto by Mike Wilson – click here for bigger version
The swaying sign promised so much.
However, the darkness below it made it a lie.
Nobody ever answered the calls.
Written for three line tales

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The Devil Is In The Editing

Blessed Dark by Faith Shields is a basic man-of-the-cloth church type fighting an unknown beast. Father Jim Wallis goes to Colina Sangrienta where he will be met by the resident priest, Father Gaston. After his car breaks down, he is warned by a passer-by not to go there; it is an evil place. Wallis goes there to find a deserted village by day and horrible animal noises by night. He feels himself in danger as he discovered the remains of a goat in the morning that had presumably been devoured by the yet unseen monster. Still in the village, he consults Father Anthony, his superior who had sent him to the village. Wallis was informed that there have been rumors of a beast, the Enmascarada, that terrified all by projecting mental images of horror into potential victims. Wallis leaves the village, finds a cave where the monster is based and attempts to defeat the Enmascarada, a monster Wallis believes exists on another plane, or in an alternate reality. Does he win? Fans of this type of story will have to read it to find the answer.

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When a Body Meets a Body …

Mind and Flesh by 8Loki comes with this warning from the Amazon Kindle book site:
“WARNING: Strong explicit content that can hurt all sorts of sensibilities. Weird and hardcore on all fronts, you have been warned.” That warning is understated. The novel is 239 pages divided into four sections: PART 1 – My Mind PART 2 – Her Flesh PART 3 – His Flesh PART 4 – Our Flesh. PART 1 is the most difficult to get through. It reads as if it were vocabulary vomit without any connections between sentences or paragraphs. If there were a theme, it would be as if a bunch of guys (females would not act this way of course) got together with the aim of grossing each other out with displays of vulgar language used in describing perverted situations. Several pages (maybe ten) into part 1 I decided this was not worth reading; I would abandon this. But I didn’t. Why?

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