Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

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There is a Lot of Noise Out There

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The downside of of the information/internet age is the mass of information available. Some of it is valuable. Skilled technology users sometimes appear as librarian nerds. Content? They do not know any, but they are adept at keywords and searching for stuff. As a Reader, I want to be entertained. (Selfish, huh?) Finding entertaining stuff is difficult. For today, I would like to recommend a work One Hundred Days of Noise by Katherine Hayton.

I first became aware of her writing through her novels Skeletal and Found, Near Water; two novels that will twist the mind with unpredictable changes, plots, and subplots.

One Hundred Days of Noise is a collection of her blog posts. Not terrifying in themselves, they provide a prediction of the writing style that will be found in her novels. As a person just beginning to post blog entries, I look at her work as an example of a style I can aspire to.

I found this work on her website, I download her novels through Amazon Kindle or one of its subcategories, Kindle Unlimited.


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