Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

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Not One of Your Usual Classics

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Reading classical literature is fun, except when it is not, because it was assigned as homework. If you have ever been assigned to read King Lear, read this for a laugh. Think of it as revenge against all of your English teachers.

Uncensored and uncut could be a leader for this book. It would attract the less socially conforming reader. Not a fair leader, but it attracts attention.

The book for today:

Fool                            by Christopher Moore

This book is just fun. If you like cynicism, sarcasm, plays on words, and double entendre, this is a great reading choice for you. The action is fast paced although you will want to slow down a bit to fully appreciate some of the humor.

After reading it, be sure to look at the authors comments. Moore reveals how he took historical events and moved them around a bit. He also mentions that some of his word formations come from different historical periods. And finally, he discourages those who want to reread for even consistent language use. This is his creation; enjoy it for the originality that is Christopher Moore.

If you are offended by language that is a bit profane or vulgar, don’t even try to read this. This carries vulgarity to new, absurd heights. I found myself laughing while reading some of the overstretched vulgar pronouncements of the characters. Political correctness is notably absent. But it is funny.

For those who have read King Lear there will be familiar characters and overall plot lines. It just seems to me this was fun to write; I know it was fun to read. For those easily offended by perceived social slights, don’t read the book. That is two warnings in one review. Usually, I do not read the attached samplers for the next or additional work. With this book, I did and the sample proved to be equally intriguing and entertaining. I will read more by this writer.


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