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Who Died at Jack’s House?

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Here is a fun read. Sort of a murder mystery. Sort of an identity problem involving lots of clones. No, not “clowns.” That would be a political thriller. Really, it is clones that we are looking for here.

All Of Us Were Sophie                      by Resa Nelson

I received this book free from the author with a request for a review.

I found this novel to be based on an intriguing idea. OK, so maybe many of us have run across articles and speculations on human cloning, but the idea here is set in a fascinating mystery. The mystery begins immediately with the title. “Were”, being in the past tense, could indicate that Sophie is dead at the beginning of the novel. And that is true. The event occurred at Kindle location 125 (pretty early in the book) so it doesn’t qualify as a spoiler, more like a teaser. After her death, Chapter one follows, so who is the “All?”

There are not a lot of characters to follow in this well written novel, but they do tend to change names occasionally, so a highlighter might be helpful if you get caught in the middle of an identity shift.

Beatrix, April, and Sophie might be thought of as sisters, but they only exist because of the similar to suicide death of original Sophie. Husband Jack is already dead. Detective Jerome saw the body. It was not suicide; Jerome saw the gunshot wound. Jerome immediately launches an investigation following time tested methods of homicide investigation. One of those methods is to establish a timeline. His investigation starts to fall apart as he discovers that some folks have been spotted in places where they could not have been. At least not in a rational, normal world.

Ben, a business partner who would profit from Jack’s murder is an immediate suspect. He bought life insurance on the lives of Jack and Sophie. He jokes and touches Sophie whenever Jack is not around. Money and sex, sounds good enough to me. The reader is given all the proper motive and clues to believe Ben did it. Fine.

Original Sophie planned her death. She knew Jack had been murdered. She left clues for her alternates to work with so the killer of Jack could be found. The description of her system used to remember things is fascinating. A visual person, she sets up clues obvious only to herself to remind her to do almost every task, both routine and business chores. She can only hope that her creations will be as adept at solving puzzles as she had been.

Tiffany is a character I could not identify with. She had suffered tragedies in her earlier life which led her to adopt a new career. Her life just took too many abrupt switches, starting with fashion model. I could not accept her life changes as being the motivation for her later career. Although interesting, I felt her character was only 75% developed. Her early retirement surprised me and did not seem consistent with what led up to it. Nevertheless, interesting.

This was an interesting half of a leisure day reading. Good as a mystery and with a hint of fantasy, it serves as a motivation for me to read more of Resa Nelson’s writing.


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