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Humor, Erotica, and a Mystery

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I received this book through the Library Thing Member Giveaway Program in return for a review. This is one of those “Guess the genre” books. There is explicit language in the book, but absent in this review.

Peeper                                     by SJ Smith

If you have a novel published by an organization called Sinful Press, what kind of novel would you expect? So, there is probably going to be a lot of weird, kinky sex (whatever that means). I found most of the things described graphically to be pretty normal, but that says more about me than the book. For the true prudes out there, you have been warned. After the internet, are there any of those types of folks left?

Jenks is a private detective. Whether he is good at it or not, we might find out by reading the book. We can discover early on that he is not a very motivated networker (487 business cards left out of 500). He has a new client who is being blackmailed with photos of an “accidental” sex tryst. Veronica had pictures taken; she wants money. Client Evans wants Jenks to find Veronica, get the photos, and solve Evan’s family problems. Sounds normal.

Before setting out, Jenks returns home to tell Kate. Throughout the novel Jenks will touch base with Kate. He touches a lot more. There is mutual base touching; the story progresses as Kate suggests increasingly more creative sex.

But, off to work. He finds Veronica using all his surveillance skills. But the job is to get the photos, so he follows her home and watches her from a strategic place outside her home. He wants to know where the photos are; that she appears in a window almost nude, then completely nude, and finally nude while going through various erotic poses, these are the strains and challenges of the job. Inevitably, they meet. His real objective, the photos is exposed, as are all the characters in the novel at one point or another. Veronica strings Jenks along in ways reminiscent of high school teenage sexual encounters.

Everybody reaches their goals eventually. Jenks gets Veronica, and Kate. Kate gets Jenks and Veronica. Photos are obtained. That all of this happens is 1) not a surprise and 2) not a spoiler.

There are surprises which make the novel fun to read. First, SJ Smith is funny and clever as he writes of the daily travails of Jenks. This is a fun book to read. Second, the smut (Smith uses the word in his author description) is tastefully done. Pun intended. It is just another sex variation described graphically, frequently, and with humor.

I am going to look for another SJ Smith book. Definitely a way to break the daily routine.


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