Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

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Don’t Play in the Sand

2 min read

Shifting Sands                                                by Wendy C Allen  (EelKat)

Per the author, this is one in a series of short tales designed to be read in fifteen minutes to half an hour, a short break in a busy today. The series is called “Twisted Tales” and other tales I have read were twisted throughout their presentation. This one has a slow build-up to a rather surprising ending. There are subtle hints as to what might happen, but the final scene explodes away from the build-up.

Reading through the slow build-up, I saw it as a rant from someone who lives in a unique tourist popular place against the tourists who brought in all the money. The narrator (author) details how free flowing tourist dollars drive inflation that permanent local residents cannot keep up with. The environment, to include plant life and endangered animal species are in danger.

Then comes the twist and the story becomes one of revenge, graphically and maybe gruesomely described. To say more would be a spoiler. It is only a fifteen minute read; take the plunge; read the story.


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