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Montezuma’s Other Revenge

2 min read

A very, very, short story:

Montezuma’s Other Revenge                                    by J. Paul Drew

This is a very short story, maybe a ten minute read. There are various clever levels of humor that make it worthwhile, beginning with the title. What is Montezuma’s revenge (the original) and why was this take-off chosen as a title?

McDonald is a writer and many other things. He is better at all other things than he is at being a writer. When his good friend Booker asks for help to recover artwork stolen from Booker, McDonald jumps into his private investigator role. Booker himself is a burglar, calling police is a non-starter; it amused McDonald that the burglar had gotten burgled but if his help produced income, McDonald was in.

McDonald and Booker know who stole the artwork, a girl named CeeCee that Booker picked had up in a bar. When McDonald goes to the girl’s home, he finds her dead. Backtracking her movements from a phone answering device, he ends up at Montezuma Hall, both a cult and a front for art smuggling. Using Sabina, a friend of CeeCee’s, McDonald and Booker develop a plan to capture the murderer. It doesn’t really work as McDonald and Booker demonstrate the same skills in a chase that made Booker a burgled burglar and McDonald an unpublished author.

There is some interesting description of folk who occupy the fringes of what might be called art. The short tale is told tongue-in-cheek and will get you through a couple of stops on a subway.


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