Fri. May 29th, 2020

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A Very, Very, Short Story

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If it is good to read for fun, as well as entertainment, all kinds of content should be sampled. This short story, actually a very, very short story was one I found on an Indie publishing site. Reading from a site like this is a gamble, I do not do it often because there is really, really a lot of time wasting stuff out there; much of it extremely amateurish. But this short story is not one of them.

The Box: A short Story                                  by Hugh Howey

If you are not a fan of artificial intelligence (AI) stories, you might have to suspend belief for a brief period of time. This story is worth it. There is a battle between the created and the creation. The only way Peter can live is if Henry cures him. Once Peter rescues himself from the name Casper, Peter knows there is a problem. Henry has decided to define himself (itself?) without reference to Peter. Awareness is seeping into the consciousness of Henry. That awareness tells him that if he performs the task he was designed for, Peter will kill (or destroy) Henry. The battle lines are set; the race is on. Will Henry evolve faster than the rate of decline of Peter and thus be able to escape from Peter? Or will Peter die in the fight?

It really is a very short story. Just to let you know in case you want to know the outcome.


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