Reading for Fun can be daunting due to a lack of time. Solution? Enter the Short Story, even more fun, maybe, is Flash Fiction. My pick for today is:

Waiting for Emmett                           by Wendy Christene Allen   (EelKat)

This selection has a subtitle, Twisted Tales Book 1 and notes that EelKat (just love that brief identifier of a three named author) is the creator of the Twilight Manor Series, which I have yet to investigate.

This is a flash fiction short story written out of the rather charitable notion that your time should not be wasted. And if you run into a place where your time is wasted, you should at least be entertained. And forget the charity, if you were entertained reading this, spend some money and buy stuff by this author.

The fun in this story is in the writing craft. The dialogue between seven spirited cats approaches poetry.

Reverend Belliot is a successful con artist. Success is measured in how long it takes his victims to see through his deceptions. So, success is varied. It is followed by a burst of energy expended while fleeing from his latest victims. In this case, even the weather is uncooperative, which disturbs the good Rev. Doesn’t he have a special relationship with the supreme meteorologist?