Here is a place to practice speed reading.

Stories On the Go                               edited by Andrew Ashling
101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors

The title says it all. Reading times for each story will vary from five to fifteen minutes. Each story is preceded by a genre tag, such as “women’s romance fiction” or “paranormal romance.” At the end of each selection there is a brief author biography written (presumably) by the author and done with tongue in cheek humor.

Then comes the really good stuff. There are hyperlinks to author websites. I found most of them worked; there was the occasional notice of a domain name for sale. If you follow the links and take the time to enter your email to subscribe as an author follower, most authors will give you free stuff to read.

The real value here is that you will be exposed to genres you may not have previously thought of reading. You might find that reading can be fun.


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