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Twisted Plot, Garbled Grammar

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It is my habit to start a new word document when I begin reading a book. I record my impressions as I read. When I am finished reading; my planned review has almost written itself. I believe that today’s selection has a rather daring title for any piece of writing. My immediate question, “Am I wasting my time by reading this?”

Wasted Time                           by EelKat Wendy Christine Allen

In this case, my answer is yes, but I may not have considered all factors. What contributed to my negativity? Many, many, many, many grammar errors to include misspellings, missing words, and capitalization problems. What could account for this kind of writing (or publishing) from such a creative author?

The author meant to write in this way. It emphasizes the addled, confused state of the protagonist (narrator). The myriad errors are a character development device. Yep. That has to be it. At least that is what I might claim if I were criticized for such a presentation. But as a reader, I was distracted from the twists and turns of the plot by grammar mistakes or typos.

I have read advice from one Indie guru on writing that it is best just to write and publish as frequently as possible. As the frequency and amount of published material increases, better grammar, in all its guises, will evolve. By this theory, the readers are shanghaied into participation in the evolution of the writer’s skill. No permission was sought.

This short flash fiction has an interesting plot. What if our hero could go back in time and change his criminal acts so that either 1) he did not commit them in the first place or 2) if he did commit them he did not get caught? Interfering with the idea that there can only be these two possible outcomes is the butterfly effect. (One small change causes ripples and unintended outcomes throughout the temporal plane). And, since these are twisted tales, there is quite a twist at the end of this one.

But I could not pay attention to the story development because of the grammar errors.


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