For today I want to look at a work of flash fiction. This will happen occasionally on this blog when something specially motivates me to look at the described work. In this case, I was reading the short story collection named below. I followed a hyperlink to the authors website. Doing that got me a free book, “A Gentlewoman’s Chronicles,” to be reviewed at a later date. Downloading that book got me a question from the author, which led to the following short review.

And…… a note on short reviews. They are obviously short when looking at flash fiction. If the review is longer than the tale told, somebody might be doing something wrong. Other than that, for the time being (like the next six months) I will attempt to keep my reviews short. I started this blog for my university students at Ma Chung University in Malang, Indonesia. People of all ages, in school or out, describe Indonesia as a “non-reading culture.” Many times students, even in university, use this as a culturally reinforced excuse not to read. I believe reading is THE way to develop language. So I write short reviews that my English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students can read quickly without resorting to a dictionary. The overall aim is to get them interested enough to find and read the books reviewed. It is also the reason for exploring several genres.

Having said all that… I want to comment on:

Twin Souls                              by Michael Coorlim     from   Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors