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I won a book from the Library Thing Member Giveaway Program with the suggestion that I should write a review. Although it is on my list “books won,” I never received the book but found it on Kindle Unlimited and, because of the premise, downloaded it to my Kindle PC application. It would not download to my Kindle. So much for the administrative stuff.

So, here we have:

A Year of Stories                    by Steve Spalding       Collection one: Cobalt Blue
with a tagline at the top of the book cover: One short story, every weekday, for a year.

This is the result of work done in January 2016. The tagline on the cover of the book led me to believe that there might exist stories from February …. and on. I have yet to find them. I would read them if I could find them; they are interesting for the wordplay of the stories as well as in the authors “afterthought” self-evaluations.

In his opening notes Spalding notes that he believes himself incapable of writing 365 days in one year; he would probably burn out. He intended to take two days a week off. What follows is one story per weekday in January plus a weekend observation following each Friday. The stories are science fiction, exercises in dialogue, at least one horror story, and lots of reflection on writing. The length of each story generally follows the flash fiction category. There is even one selection titled “Flash Fiction.”

I usually try to pick out a memorable line from each short story when reviewing a collection of short stories (no flash fiction). With flash fiction this is not easy to do because of the terse structure. Picking a line out of context in flash fiction would require a note of explanation that would be the work itself.

I read this selection to see if the writer met goals. I wanted to see if the writing at the end of the month was as fresh as it was at the beginning of the month. I felt it was.


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