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Bad Lawyer? Say It Isn’t So.

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This is what I call “comfort reading.” I like stories about the legal profession. I was hooked a long time ago by Grisham. This story is well written but it is as if there were a template that had been filled in. Almost no surprises. This is time filler reading. Because I got it as a member giveaway from Library Thing, I felt obligated to finish it and write a review. Otherwise the formulaic feel of the writing would have led me to abandon it.

Lawyers Gone Bad Review                by Vincent Scarsella

Dean Alessi is in charge of an ethics committee for a legal bar association. Along with chief investigator Stu Foley, they are a couple of corruption fighters corrupt lawyers fear.

Sam Marcum is a district attorney; he has a sexy assistant, Susan, who killed her husband and logically would be charged by the district attorney for the crime. But that is not going to happen and gossip erupts. It sounds like a job for the ethics committee. Dean is an assistant supervisor who has held power for months awaiting a new appointment of a boss. After Dean got passed over for promotion to director by Brad Gunther, a man with high political connections, it looks like Dean’s investigation will never take off. Brad has his appointment confirmed by Chief Justice Chip Krane, a man with ambitions for a Supreme Court Justice appointment. Sound like a conflict of interest situation? Of course, and this is what will be played out in this book. We want to ask the eternal generic question: Will good, or evil triumph?

The new director has to deal with a disappointed Dean and quash an unpleasant investigation while still appearing ethical. Brad will be helped in this by the leggy, beautiful Lisa who has a bad attitude toward former (assistant) chief Dean. Yet ANOTHER sexual conflict issue. This is in a committee charged with investigating ethical violations in the legal profession. Dean has had his minor transgressions with the lesser physically attractive Kat, but, hey, it was only once and a long time ago.

Up to approximately three quarters of the book, the bad guys keep getting promoted, the good guys keep getting frustrated, and it is an interesting tale, well told, but no surprises. Then, to no one’s surprise, everything falls apart quickly. Are there any surprises in the book? Sure. Will Dean, our maligned, unrewarded super hero protagonist get the girl? That is why I finished the book. I wanted to know.


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