Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

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Two for the Price of One

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The flash fiction I picked for today is entertaining for more than just the flash fiction. Author Lindy Moore has some entertaining hyperlinks in my Kindle epub that leads to more interesting reading.

FOGLAND The Harbinger of Gloom Street                                    by Lindy Moone

At approximately the 51% point of the book this tale is finished and Moone gives us an excerpt from Hyperlink from Hell: A Couch Potato’s Guide to the Afterlife. The excerpt was an enjoyable, puzzling read. I am sure I will download the entire book.

Collette and Henri buy a house that looks like a grandfather clock; tall, narrow with seven stories. With names like these, do you think they might be French? The answer is yes, and the reader should keep this in mind or else comprehension of the ending will suffer. The height of the building makes you appreciate the technology that gave us elevators. This is flash fiction so right away we get an idea that there will be a problem as the reader is given entry to the brain of the realtor; he is very relieved to have sold the house…again.

As the reader has no right to expect, there is a talking bird limited in ability to speak only one word “Frogland.” As this is almost, but not quite, the title of the story, the reader is hooked to continue reading a story of how the bird can be reeducated or what the mispronunciation might mean. Could it be a micro aggression against the culture of Henri and Collette? They decide to ignore the possible insult from a bird.

Henri and Collette decide to renovate the house but had to first obtain municipal planning commission approval. They were allowed to renovate all except the basement. Something to which the entire town population was privy was going on in the basement. Or was going to go on in the basement.

But nothing did go on in the basement and the townspeople were disappointed. Why they were disappointed and the results as far as Henri and Collette were concerned is a surprise. Read the book. But there is one additional surprise. (See paragraph 2 above.)


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