Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

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Romantic Short Story

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A short story of the type I do not usually read. Some of my students do, so I include it for them.

A Dream for Hogmanay                                by Roz Marshall

I like to read books of all genres, categories, types, age levels … everything. I am always happy to find new things; I find the most interesting stuff when I read works by authors outside the US. Even when the content does not particularly interest me, the reward comes from discovering new ways of expression and, in this case, vocabulary related to Scotland.

This is a romance short story, chick-lit, as described on the first page of the story when Debbie is criticized by Zoe for reading such stuff. Debbie will go to a party and drink something spiked with alcohol. Debbie, a non-drinker, easily gets intoxicated whereupon Colin (supplier of spiked drink) feels it is time Debbie gets undressed. Colin gets a bit physically rough with Debbie, but she is rescued by Callum, who carries Debbie home, watches her sleep, and chastely kisses her while she is unconscious. This sparks Debbie’s dream machine and presumably in later short stories chaste kisses will evolve into something more. This story and this reader are not a match, so I won’t get to find out what happens.

However, some of the words or phrases I learned: “Hogmanay Hooley,” “ceilidh,” “knees-up,” “Gay Gordons,” and “Lifties,” New vocabulary alone is not enough to keep me interested in following the series, but I am sure there is a market for this type of content.



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