Not a Soap Opera, but Slippery

Here is a short story with lots of gentle twists that will keep you interested. There might even be a ghost story. And maybe a murder mystery. The reader will immediately, after the first few pages, assume this is also a romance story. And it is, sort of. Except that all the couples are not in relationships of unconditional love; all the participants have their own individual identities and are not afraid to express them.

Promises, Promises                                  by Laurel Osterkamp

There are almost too many couples to keep up with in this fast moving story. Looking at a few of them, we find:

There is Robin and Nick. They are in love although Robin would like a more permanent relationship, like marriage. They have separate careers, live together, and this feels like a comfortable relationship.

There is Phil. Okay, he is not a couple. But he would like to be, with Robin. Does Nick know about this? Is Robin sure of Phil’s intent? Does Phil know what he is doing? And for a really fun question (you will have to read the whole story first): How is Phil similar to Brian’s dog, Farrah?

There is Brian and Bridget. Did Brian kill Bridget? Did Farrah (see above) kill Bridget? Why did Bridget have to die?

There is Tristan and Hunter. Tristan is sexy. No male (and maybe some females) ever see her eyes. The focus of attention never gets that high. So why is she marrying a guy in a wheelchair? Or will that happen?

There is Riley and Conrad. Teenage summer camp friends and planners of evil pranks, in their later years they disappear. Why?

There is Grandma. She appears only briefly and then only in a mirror. How does she connect to anything in this story?

Osterkamp will answer all these questions and explain more how everything is connected in this fast moving short story. This story will motivate many to move on to the next Osterkamp work, The Standout.


Author: ron877

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