Sat. Nov 23rd, 2019

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Horror, Violence, Sex, Not a YA Book

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Seventeen stories of horror to carry with you to the appointments you do not really want to go to. Also for classes that are boring. But not my classes; there will be a quiz.

Kindle Unlimited Alert: This book is available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. If you like short stories and flash fiction, this is a good way to read a lot of stuff at a low price.

The Dark Has Teeth                                      by Billy Wells

Obviously, these are horror stories. There is blood, guts, gore, violence, and some weird sex. Once we get to necrophilia, for me, that is weird sex. There were surprise ending for about 70% of the following stories; the other 30% still had good endings, but they could be anticipated. What follows are my quick takeaways or memorable lines from each story.

TIL DEATH DO US PART       Opposites attract. Two serial killers getting married is just wrong.

SHIVERS       There’s always some parts left over; I didn’t need these anyway.

THE BLIZZARD   A story of familial affection.

RATT     After this story, you will want to verify what you are drinking at a party.

SOMETHING IN THE DARK    Some dreams hang on longer than others.

FIDO    Here doggy, nice doggy, big doggy.

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW      Revenge served cold; after all, it is winter.

THE CLOWN AT MIDNIGHT     It is a live feed.

THE BOOGEYMAN     It is important to stick to the schedule.

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER      The title is the answer. The question is “Where is Beauty?”

THE ABHORRENT CLUB      Be careful of what you wish to see.

THE TROLL         When was the last time you looked really closely at your partner?

SOMETHING IN THE SKY    The county coroner must concern himself with grave issues.

FALLING     Sometimes it’s difficult to get your money’s worth.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT     When popcorn and a ballgame is not enough.

DÉJÀ VU     How many times before the repetitious chain will be broken or interrupted?

BLACK AS NIGHT       Some secrets should stay buried.


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