Who Is Using Whom?

This is in the genre of Young Adult. I read it from a Kindle Unlimited download. It is quite short (a  30 minute read) but I liked it for its possible use in a classroom for English Language Learners. This review was written on 08 June 2016 but posted in the 06 June 2016 position because I did not want to interrupt the flow of another project.

Nala is a slave girl, the younger sister of Hazina. Culturally, Hazina should be the protector, but due to personality factors, Nala seems better at this role. Forced into a harem, realizing her ultimate fate (at least according to the other harem girls) Nala decides she has to kill her owner. Caught in a situation similar to 1001 Arabian Nights Nala bides her time until she can find a time when she will be able to carry out an assassination of the arrogant owner who is using her. But, using her for what? On this point turns a possibly surprise ending.

This is a short novella (the author’s description) set in Asia; there are several references to Egypt. Language students will like the exposure to Arabic or other Asian terms that cannot be found in the kindle app dictionary. It is a valuable skill for language learners to be able to deduce meaning from context, so this is a story I would use in a pre-intermediate English language class. There are cultural things to be learned, such as life in a harem and the indirect nature of struggles for power. There are moral lessons emphasized, such as the idea of self-sacrifice and family loyalty. The writing proceeds at a pleasant pace. Aside from foreign language words, there is not a pretentiousness to the vocabulary choice, nor is the vocabulary needlessly overly simplified. The short length of the story will enable a foreign language learner to maintain an attention span sufficient to read the story through to its end.


Author: ron877

A reader, encouraging others to expand their knowledge of English through reading along with me some books I am currently reading. I will publish some reviews of books I have found notable. Comments in agreement and disagreement are welcome. Ronald Keeler is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to https://www.amazon.com.

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