Sat. Nov 23rd, 2019

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Move Along, It Is All Admin

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After one month of trying to set up a blog, after one month of trying to read a book per day and post a review of said book, I am going to take a day (one post) to sort of clean up things administratively.

My blog purpose is to get my English as a Second Language students to read. I hope short reviews do that. I also want to expose them to sources for interesting stuff. So, some definitions.

For me, a book is 300 plus pages. Some of my reviews will be of short stories, novellas, flash fiction, and, my latest discovery, the six-word story. I also want to look at audiobooks and interesting blog posts that I hope will inspire students to read. When I look at really short literature, I will review more than one per day. To limit confusion, I may post them on one of my “missed” days. If I do that, I will also post the original date of the writing.

So much to do, so little time, but so far it has been fun. My WordPress Reader has introduced me to sooo many new types of blogs. I occasionally give in to the temptation to send immediate knee jerk responses. I shouldn’t do that. I got a response a few minutes ago from an author who wrote that he in no way wrote something that fit my interpretation. I have to slow down on reading some of the weirder genres. It leads to my skewed view of the normal world.

The majority of advice from other bloggers leans toward the “just do it” side of things. Quit planning, start doing. That kind of advice is consistent with what I learned and followed through 23 years of military service with the slogan “Do something, even if it is wrong.” The idea being we can correct mistakes but complete inactivity is truly mind numbing.

Which sounds good except when we realize the military has nukes. Oops. But I am retired. So I will keep bumbling forward while making mistakes. I promise not to grow mushroom clouds in anyone’s back yard.



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