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A Work in Progress

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I am not sure quite what this is. I wanted to read it because it was referenced by the author on a blog post I found interesting. This work is interesting in a very narrow way; the author is good at description. When focused on a description of a person, place or thing, the descriptions are good. But it is not a stand-alone book, short story, or novella.

The Girl in the City                                                    by Philip Harris

This story is too big to fit in its container. The writing itself is fine with some very detailed and interesting descriptions of where actions take place. When Leah is escaping through difficult terrain, there is good description of the terrain as well as descriptions of Leah’s physical and mental reactions as she attempts to survive.

This is a starter for a book; it is not really a stand-alone tale because it in no way answers any questions a reader would logically have. How did this world come about? Are Wildings actually cannibals? I wanted to know more about this group.

How did Buddhists and Amish end up in the same story? At a minimum there has to be a connection between them and the rest of the non-Amish, non-Buddhist community. We have an idea of what the Amish do; they produce food. What do the Buddhists contribute? What is the religion of everyone else, like Leah?

Then there is traitor Katherine. Traitors are always interesting because we are never sure where their loyalties lie … today. This character is not developed at all.

At the end of the day it is as if we are looking at a writer’s work in progress. I will look for some of his other work.


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