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Books for Free (almost)

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Library Thing Early Reviewer Program

Library Thing Member Giveaway Program

This is an administrative post which I will recommend my students read about a way to get free books from Library Thing. Readers can join the Library Thing Member Giveaway Program and get free books in return for a review. In the Member Giveaway Program, the authors send you books for free. You can get hardcopy books, but watch out if you live outside the US (as I do). Import taxes on books coming into Indonesia are unbelievably high; it is just not worth it. Books are provided by the author in other formats: eBooks, mobi (Kindle), and audiobooks, to name a few. With this program you are requested to provide a review, but you do not have to. It seems sort of logical to me that if you do not provide reviews, you will not receive further offers.

Another program is the Library Thing Early Reviewer Program. Books are provided by the publisher, not the author. The reader is expected to provide a review. If you accept one of these books and do not provide a review, you will not receive more books from this program, although you might still receive books from the program above.

Each month two lists are published on the Library Thing website. I don’t count, but there are probably at least one hundred books of all genre offered for review. You choose which ones you want to bid on (receive to review). I typically ask for four on Early Reviewer list and ten on the Member Giveaway list. I typically “win” two from the first list and six from the second. Although I read them within the month, there is not a time limit on the second list; for the Early Reviewer Program, it is a couple of months.

Joining the program is free. On your personal library site you can have up to 200 books. If you have more than 200 books (I do) there are additional requirements.


6 thoughts on “Books for Free (almost)

  1. Thanks for this explanation, Ron. I think I may have entered The Girl on the Mountain for review at one time. Let me know if you’d like a review copy.

    1. Hi! And thanks for the reply.Once a new semester starts in August I will assign my literature studrnts to look at this post as well as some others I plan in order to find different genre for assignments and projects.

      If you send me a copy of your book I will read it and write a review. Because of final exams, the review will be posted in about ten days. I prefer the mobi format, PDFs are just too difficult for me.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I am so glad I dropped by. I have never heard of the aforementioned opportunity!
    As an added bonus, (sorry) I live in the US!
    Extremely glad I dropped in. 🙂 I WILL be back…

    Kind Regards and Sunshine – K

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