Sunrises Will Never Be The Same

This is a book I received from the Library Thing Member Giveaway program in return for a review. Sunrises and Other Stories by Paul Marriner

Professional Assassins Everywhere

This is another short story, Two Wrongs by Frank Westworth. Designed as a teaser to a longer novel, this one definitely serves its purpose as

Disregard any Reader Warnings

First Contract by Frank Westworth is a short story, undoubtedly a teaser for longer novels to come. The story itself is preceded by a warning

FFfAW: Dad’s garden

I just wanted to give some exposure to this writer of excellent short stories and flash fiction.

Twisted Palahniuk Selected Stories, Some NSFW

OK, the tales are twisted, but not really NSFW. Videos might be NSFW, so might pictures. (My Kindle epub has no pictures). Generally speaking, if

You Have Got to be Kidding Me.

This publication Serial Killers, by Robert Lean is offered as a collection of short stories. The subtitle Top 10 Aggressive Serial Killers on the Planet,

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