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An Angry Ms. Esme Will Possess You

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Incantations has enough ghosts, scary stuff, and horror to keep you up late. I pulled this off the to read shelf and read it in one reading session. The novel is presented as a series of blog posts, each one describing a generation level that will eventually meet their ultimate fate at 129 Walsh Street in Summerhaven. Many of the actors in the story have existed before in a different generation. At least one exists twice side-by-side as a Jekyll and Hyde type. I won’t say which one, that is part of the fun of discovery. Straker begins in the present day with character descriptions and plot hints. Successive chapters will move one generation back, then towards the end of the book, we return to the present. Some actors change names as they emerge in different generations; readers might want to use a highlight function to keep track.

All types of deviance from societal norms are portrayed. There is standard infidelity as someone does the babysitter. There is pedophilia and incest as Dad molests his daughters. Most of the time, sisters love each other; only sometimes does one murder another. People commit suicide, but forget why they are doing it. Spells are cast, except when the persons casting their spells literally lose their tongues. All of this contributes to a novel my teenager will probably pass on, unless he finds it on my Kindle.

A very fast read, I won’t go through all the characters. I might present the reading as too challenging in terms of keeping up. Readers who like the horror genre will love this one. Characters are well developed, but in stages. Just watch out for the matriarch, Miss Esme Delapaz, a very creepy and vengeful central character in her own generation, the present generation and a few in between.

I received this book as part of the Library Thing Member Giveaway program in return for a review.



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