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Several Short Bursts of Creativity

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Some people would call this an e-zine; I think we can all be comfortable with an epub. It is a collection of short stories, one of my favorite things to carry around to spice up boring meetings. As I read the stories I like to make one line comments (OLC). These are just teasers that might make a reader want to look at the story. Sometimes I quote my favorite lines. Sometimes a story is so unremarkable I recommend skipping it. That did not happen with this collection, each story had its own appeal. I received a complimentary copy in return for a review.

The Drowned Prince               By A.J. Flowers

OLC:   Some misunderstandings in the family are more serious than others.

Dark Magic                             By Chris Dean

OLC:   Josh’s assistant believes it’s OK to do things halfway.

The Definition of Johnny        By Damien Krsteski

OLC:   Data can be manipulated to prove anything, even murder.

Behind You, in the Corner      By Myke Edwards

OLC:   Bill saves Kim’s life and she is grateful, right?? Nope.

A Midwinter Sacrifice            By Simon Kewin

OLC:   A sacrifice by any other method is still a sacrifice.

Voyage                                    By Jennifer R. Povey

OLC:   A mind cannot change its spots. We are our nature.

Cogs                                        By Matt Hollingsworth

OLC:   Reading the stories in series, this is the best so far. Best line: “I am the variable in my own experiment.” Of course.

A Coyote’s Revenge               By Milo James Fowler

OLC:   A murder mystery of sorts. Best line: {“Case of the Missing Corpsicle,” he mused.}

The Bug Followers                 By Bret McCormick

OLC:   Let’s trade.

A Fairy Tale                            By Ty Karnitz

OLC:   Looking for his daughter.

My Kingdom                          By Carl Alves

OLC:   Best line: “He will get what he asks for, but not what he wants.”


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