The author asked me to review this collection of short stories in return for a copy of the book. SIDENOTE TO MY INDONESIAN STUDENTS. The author sent me a paper copy of the book. This is not easy in Indonesia; the book saw more of Indonesia than I have seen so far as it wound its way through several provinces before arriving in Malang, Jawa Timur. On the good side, the stories so impressed my son that he carried a copy to his classes. The stories were so weird in a horror (not sexual) way that his teachers were not equally impressed; they thought it was a waste of reading time. I disagree. Read everything. Read all the time.

Beasts                                      by Brendan Dezner

This interesting collection of short stories defies attempts at a comprehensive “book” review. There are stories which are quite intriguing, which I liked, and a couple that left little to no impression other than a feeling of wanting to get to the next story. A feature I liked was that several did not end; the reader was left to imagine what would happen or the reasons for what was presented. This is a good book to carry along and read for diversion while getting on with daily routines. Here are snap impressions of the stories.