This is a short story, a Kindle Single, and a good way to pass the time. You are feeling frustrated because someone else is late and all of a sudden you have unanticipated time to pass. This story might clam you down, or it might make you afraid to ride commuter trains.

Saunders is succeeding in business because of his marketing strategy of using the resources of a well established business to compete with smaller businesses by selling at a loss for a long period of time until the smaller business owner goes under. We don’t like Saunders. In this short story, I only know him by the one name, Saunders.

Still, who deserves to be on a train with a bunch of carnivores? Saunders makes a few attempts at escape. The omniscient reader suspects that his attempts will be futile, but Hill’s fast paced writing will not allow the reader to escape.

Fleeing is a labor intensive effort. Saunders has to take a break for food sometime. Maybe he should stop at a fast food chain. Or maybe not.

Warning: Reading a Joe Hill book can lead to addiction.  I immediately read a second one, “The Heart Shaped Box”, then “NOS4A2”, then I pre-ordered “Horns” while reading “20th Century Ghosts.”

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