This is a book I received from the Library Thing Member Giveaway program in return for a review.

Sunrises and Other Stories by Paul Marriner is an amazing artistically crafted piece of literature. It is a series of stories, some short, some long; almost all of them could stand alone as complete short stories. They wouldn’t be as interesting as they are in this complete collection which can serve as a definition of the word segue. (Completely Off Point (COF), “segue” is actually used as a word once in this collection of 35 stories.)

Christine and Anthony rule the stories. There are stories about Anthony before meeting Christine. First, there was Trudy, a being whose existence was centered on sex. Anthony could not possibly keep up with her; a long-term relationship was out of the question. She appeared and reappeared at various points in his life, but she was not for him and never could be. Anthony was lucky. Then there was Leslie, she will appear throughout his life, right through to the end of the book. But it is when Anthony meets Christine that the novel’s center is created.