Me, The Biological by B. R. Miller falls solidly in the YA genre. There is profanity, but it is much less than you would find on primetime TV. There is not gratuitous violence, but there is tragedy for three boys struggling to grow up in a family situation that is becoming more and more typical.

Aaron is the father of two of the boys, Carson and Kyle. He marries the narrator’s mother and the five become a family. The narrator is never referred to by name. Mom might call him “Pumpkin.” Aaron calls him “Buddy” or “Sport,” but the narrator is not named. He is the “biological,” being the only one that mom gave birth to.

There are many typical situations that happen as the boys grow up: snowball fights, swimming competitions, scary thunderstorms, sibling fights, and school classroom pranks. For this family, the world is self-contained. Everything meaningful and described is within the context of the family. In the brief journey of this family, there are three huge game changing tragedies. To write of them would be spoilers. The book is a quick read and worth any reader’s time due to the moving portrayals of the tragedies.

I am considering this book for use in an English as a Foreign Language class.

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