REVIEWER CAVEAT: I received this book from the publisher in return for a review. It is a political book with many allusions (or illusions) reference the current turmoil in the on-going race for US president. An unbiased review is a challenge.

POLITICAL CAVEAT: For this election, I have to describe myself as apolitical. I would never vote for such an uninformed, prejudiced, knee-jerk reactionary as Trump. I believe my vote counts. The only time I voted; I cast a ballot for Richard Nixon. I felt so responsible for that disaster I never voted again. And I won’t vote this time. A woman for President? Fine, but not this one; at least not with my witting participation.

Rebecca Tree by Michael Abramson should be a very interesting read in the current tumultuous political climate of the US where two undesirable candidates are vying for President. It is hard to maintain objectivity in the face of emotionally driven accusations of corruption, possible rigged elections, backroom deals, and disclosure of past misdeeds of principals. (All of these are in this book). For political junkies, this should be an enjoyable book. I am a political junkie but I detest political correctness advocates with their syrupy pretentiousness of claiming superior moral behavior by having transcended materialistic concerns to arrive at enlightened humanist altruism. This book has a lot of the latter and it is annoying.