The Damage Done by Mark Matthews is a short read, only 36 pages. (ADMIN NOTE: I write this for my students who look at my blog to find “short” things to read.) A reader looking at the cover of this e-book might conclude that the story will be horrible, maybe terrifying. They would be right. First, think cannibalism. Could there be anything more terrible than that? Sure. Now, think cannibalism where the consumed one is either a family member or a loved one. Even more horrible, right. But there is more, a more horrifying scenario. In a book this short the scenario is everything. To write about it would be a spoiler. I’ve brought you through the first two stages; you should read further to see what could possibly be worse than what I have already described.

Short writing like this can be a stand-alone story or a teaser for works to come. This short story is one of those. After you get through the first main story of the title, there are an additional few pages of another story which lead you to a link where you can purchase ….

OK, you get the idea. This short presentation is an interesting and useful introduction to a genre.


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