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Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2016 – Program and Events online nowUbud Writers & Readers Festival

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Southeast Asia’s leading festival of words and ideas returns with a triumphant program of discussions, debates, live music, poetry slams, and more!

Source: Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2016 – Program and Events online nowUbud Writers & Readers Festival

Rather than do a book review today, I want to do my part in promoting this international event. I spent most of today going over the events on each of the four days, filling in my calendar with dates and times. There are many events covered by the cost of the one day pass or the four-day pass. There are workshops and special events at additional cost.

There are special events for children and the YA crowd. My son will accompany me and we will stay for the full four-day event. While he thinks that is sort of cool, because he gets out of school for the four days; the school expects a report from him on impressions, activities, and the usual homework suspects.

The conference is obviously not cheap to get to if you live in the US or Europe, but I live in Indonesia, only an inch on the map from Bali. (Ubud is a geographical entity associated with Bali). That inch on the map takes more than 18 hours by bus from my home in Malang, East Jawa, Indonesia. Or about an hour by plane.

Follow the link above and you should end up at a page with a bunch more links to the authors and commentators that are scheduled. There is no need for me to comment on their backgrounds; they are impressive.

Some of the presentations I immediately scheduled are First language interference, the presentation of taboo subjects in literature and film, problems associated with translation in literature, and the experiences of journalists and writers in conflict zones or denied areas.

It’s a networking activity for writers. You can expense it. It comes off your taxes as a freelancer. Think of all the ways attendance at this event can further your career.



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