Poison Bay by Belinda Pollard will make you never want to go camping again. This is a truly scary book which will leave the reader to appreciate the need for self-reliance in situations of crisis when to face the crisis means the possibility of winning and failure means death. And if you think you had friends along on the ride; you will be disappointed. In this novel, another name for friends is “suspects.”

The end-of-high-school party should have been a great party. It was, until Liana showed up with a gun and, after threatening some of her former classmates, committed suicide instead. But this is the beginning of the story, not the end. Readers may never be entirely clear about how eight of her classmates, and other characters in this story, spent the following almost-decade. But almost ten years later, eight of those present at the party, all with private thoughts and memories of Liana, will meet in a remote wilderness area of New Zealand to commemorate the anniversary of her death by a hike through some very rugged country. Several of them would wonder why they participated; they were not hikers.