Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

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It Is More Than Just Surviving

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On a personal note:

I confine most of my reading to fiction, with occasional forays into works of history, which may be a different type of fiction. Every once-in-a-while I look at non-fiction. Sometimes it is by accident. I find it amazing that I downloaded this Kindle Single on September 11. I did not preview the book. I believe I clicked on the icon by mistake. If I had known it was about the attack on the World Trade Center, I would not have downloaded it. For me, there is just too much noise and repetition of horrible personal tragedies. This book is not like that. It is uplifting and hopeful about survival. It was an emotional read for me and the best that I have read about coping with a huge disaster (the event itself) and personal long-lasting grief (I can save only myself).

As for the book:

The Choice by Andrea Raynor is a short book of reflection on the choices made by people of all occupations on September 11 when the Towers came down in New York. The author is still making choices several months later, at Christmas. So are the workers at Ground Zero. Raynor worked as a chaplain in the morgue at Ground Zero while the cleanup was going on. She talked with construction workers, police officers, firefighters, EMT personnel, soldiers, and other chaplains as all tried to come to grips with the realities they had witnessed. She reflects on how her life has changed and the effects on her family and daily routines.


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