Coma Girl 3

Coma Girl 3 by Stephanie Bond is presented as daily thoughts dated September first to September thirtieth. The September first segment will startle the reader as it sets forth the remarkable background information that Marigold Kemp (Coma Girl) is pregnant but the pregnancy was not detected when she was admitted to the hospital fourteen weeks earlier. Although in a coma, she is mentally awake and aware of everything going on around her as she listens to the conversations of her visitors. And she is the only one who knows the identity of the baby’s father. The father is most likely unaware of Marigold’s pregnancy.

This is a Kindle Single which means it is short. At 124 pages divided into 30 “chapters” (30 days hath September) it is a quick read with an intriguing central idea. Marigold’s visitors arrive in pairs or small groups. They talk in front of her, not believing she can understand. They tell secrets. Visitors who arrive alone disclose their innermost secret desires and fears. Marigold is in a position of knowing all but unable to tell anyone. Her biggest frustrations are when they talk about her and her future. Should the pregnancy be terminated? Who will take care of the baby if Marigold should die? Who is going to pay for all the medical care?

This is planned to be a six-part story. Coma Girl 4 is due out in October. I am going back to read parts one and two. Reading something this good more than justifies a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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