I received this book from the author as an advance copy for review. It will be available 30 September 2016. Therefore, no book icon to show you what the cover looks like since the book does not exist yet according to Amazon. I think that is a rather fitting note for a fantasy novel.

The Troubles Keeper by Susan May is literally a dark fantasy. There is sadness in the world. Everyone is occasionally sad about something: the loss of a loved one, the possibility of financial ruin, a lost love, or doubts about the current love-in-progress. Sadness is gray or black or, in its extreme form, violent. Rory knows a lot about sadness; he detects it in his passengers as he drives a municipal bus on his daily route. Rory has a gift that allows him to detect sadness in others and, with only the briefest skin-to-skin contact, Rory can take the troubles into himself, store them in a mentally constructed cage, and dispose of them later. It is a gift; one that he cannot reveal to others.