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Hopeless …Hopeful … Resigned

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Facing The Music by Matthew Keville is a Kindle Unlimited novel. It is not listed as a Kindle Single, but it is definitely a short story, one I would call flash fiction.

The entire story is reported as a series of blog posts that appear on the internet from 03 January to 06 January 2016. The crisis, the ultimate conflict, happened just before midnight on New Year’s Eve of 2015. But Melissa doesn’t know what the crisis was. True, the guy she was in bed with was dead. So was everyone else in the buildings and on the streets around her. Television didn’t work. There was no phone service, landline or cell. What she found on the internet was not encouraging. Every religious or scientific site that was accessible published apologies for previously held beliefs and admitted the supremacy of the Heralds of Silence.

There was one blogger called the Town Crier who was broadcasting daily and who was quite smug about the superiority of all who survived. Those who had died in other parts of the world were by definition inferior. The Town Crier gloated.

Melissa had some questions. Why were the electricity and other utilities working? Through a link that showed a planet-wide movement of something similar to weather formations, Melissa had an idea of what was next. When she heard the bells, she felt confident of what was about to happen.

So she went outside to meet it.

I will follow the Amazon author page for this interesting writer.



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