The Rage of Plum Blossoms by Christine M. Whitehead is a fairly conventional mystery story. There a few twists in the telling on the way to find the identity of a killer but we are pretty sure from the start that a murder has taken place and we read the story to find out the who and the why. As readers, we know a murder has taken place; the police do not agree, the medical examiner does not agree, the parents of the victim apparently do not agree, the victim’s best friend is uncommunicative. Only wife Quinnie believes that Jordan did not commit suicide. She knows her husband as an ex-marine, cum laude graduate from university, and a successful investment banker. She didn’t even know how successful he was until a lawyer told her she was left with a totally paid for three-story brownstone building in New York and twenty-seven million dollars. She didn’t mind the million given to his university and five million to his family.