Back Again by Susan May is a full length (379 pages) novel that I have been waiting to read. A long time ago I read a short story or novelette of the same name by the same author. In that story a mother named Dawn witnessed the death of her son Tommy in a horrible accident in which her son was hit by a car driven by Kylie, a recently unemployed cashier who was paying more attention to her phone than to her driving. Dawn would undoubtedly grieve for a long time. But she didn’t. Only ten days after Tommy’s death, Dawn returned to the day of her son’s death and relived it. After seeing it again she lived for another ten days only to be returned again to the death scene. She was in a time never-ending time loop. She believed it to be never-ending and if she had to choose, she preferred to spend time with her son even though she knew the grim outcome.