The Devil Is In The Editing

Blessed Dark by Faith Shields is a basic man-of-the-cloth church type fighting an unknown beast. Father Jim Wallis goes to Colina Sangrienta where he will be met by the resident priest, Father Gaston. After his car breaks down, he is warned by a passer-by not to go there; it is an evil place. Wallis goes there to find a deserted village by day and horrible animal noises by night. He feels himself in danger as he discovered the remains of a goat in the morning that had presumably been devoured by the yet unseen monster. Still in the village, he consults Father Anthony, his superior who had sent him to the village. Wallis was informed that there have been rumors of a beast, the Enmascarada, that terrified all by projecting mental images of horror into potential victims. Wallis leaves the village, finds a cave where the monster is based and attempts to defeat the Enmascarada, a monster Wallis believes exists on another plane, or in an alternate reality. Does he win? Fans of this type of story will have to read it to find the answer.

This is followed by another story, SANDMAN AND THE NUN. Father Jacob is dealing with demons. One is the alcohol he seems to carry everywhere. Another is his loss of faith. And yet another is the demon Regan. Regan is not really a demon; Father Jacob just thinks she is. Father Jacob had run an orphanage and tried to help people like Naomi who because of a terrible childhood had decided to become a social worker. Naomi’s current mission is to help Regan who is running away from Sister Rosemary. Regan believes Sister Rosemary is the devil. Sister Rosemary has accused Regan of killing Father Jacob. Regan called Naomi for help. Father Jacob’s body cannot be found, perhaps he is not really dead. Regan, convinced that Sister Rosemary is the devil, decides to kill the Sister. Naomi spends time trying to convince Regan that she (Regan) is delusional and that killing anyone is not a good answer. So we have four characters: Father Jacob, Sister Rosemary, Naomi, and Regan. Who is evil? The author intended to give us a surprise ending.

“The gun crashed to the floor as Naomi hovered over Father Mclarnin.” (loc 1168-1169). This is not the surprise ending the author intended. It is probably a typo as the name “Mclarnin” appears nowhere else in the novel.

This is a publication full of errors and typos. It is very predictable but even in its predictability the conclusions are quite boring. This was a Kindle Unlimited novel and is definitely worth the price (free).


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