There Is No Us Without You by Suki Kim is a memoir of an author looking for her own self- identity. Some may consider it a novel of betrayal as the author admits that she took on a false identity to get access to a closed society in order to get the information presented here. She apologizes for that. I am in agreement that in some situations the end justifies the means; there was no other way to get the information presented here. This book shares a theme with The Girl With Seven Names by Hyeon Seo Lee. Both authors left Korea in their teenage years, both spent a lot of time in other countries and both had feelings of “coming home” when they were able to spend time upon their return to Korea (both North and South). Lee’s book is reviewed elsewhere in this blog. I read and reviewed both in preparation for meeting this author at the UBUD writers and readers conference in Bali, Indonesia from 27 to 31 October 2016.