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Can’t Run, Can’t Hide

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Shining Rock by Blake Crouch is a Kindle short story I downloaded from Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Roger and Sue were a successful upper-middle-class couple with twin daughters in college. This year was the first that Roger and Sue would take a camping vacation without the girls. They would go to their favorite campsite, Beech Spring Gap; Sue called it Shangri-La. One evening after having spent four days sunning and camping, another camper, Donald, joined them. They played cards. The food and alcohol were good. What were the chances the threesome would find out they were almost neighbors back in Minnesota?

Six years earlier, Donald had come across an accident scene to find his daughter dead, hit by a driver who had fled the scene and who had never been caught.

That night after Donald returned to his camp, Roger told Sue for the first time about an accident he had six years earlier. He took the opportunity to flee the scene and preserve his (and the family’s) upscale lives.

Roger knew Donald’s meeting with them was not accidental. He was sure Donald had been stalking them, was there for revenge, and would kill them that night. Sue had a darker vision. Maybe Donald would not kill them that night; he might wait to later kill one of their daughters. Clearly, Donald was a threat to be eliminated. Sue was worried Roger couldn’t do it.

And the resolution? Be assured there is a surprising ending. But I won’t tell you what it is. After all, it is a short story (free on KU).


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