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Audrey: “Mobility is Overrated.”

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Coma Girl 4 by Stephanie Bond is presented as the daily thoughts of Marigold Kemp (Coma Girl) dated October first to Halloween. She “narrates” them to the reader who is temporarily given the gift of being able to read minds. In early parts to this series, Marigold has relied on her sense of smell. In this installment, the sense of smell seems to cut in and out. But there is a sneeze (or two). The conclusions of Parts 1, 2, and 3 were (of course) teasers or cliffhangers. With Part 4 there is a huge surprise ending but one which can be interpreted in one of two ways. I see I can pre-order Part 5 to find out.

For someone in a coma, Marigold leads an almost exciting life if we believe the essence of life is gossip. Other than the surprise ending, here are some of the highlights of this installment (all written to avoid spoilers):

The possible fate of Keith Young moves forward but remains undecided.

We find that Marigold’s friend Johanna is an excellent drinker.

This quote should resonate with feminists “The feminist in me rails against the implication that I’m little more than an incubator. Is God going to pluck me up when the oven timer rings?” (loc 290-291). This thought was triggered by a nun, Sister Irene.

Marigold will lose one of her roommates.

Marigold and friend Roberta know who the father of Marigold’s child is (along with the reader).  But Roberta doesn’t know that she knows and Marigold is not in the confirming business.

Marigold’s mom cannot find a sonogram done of her when she carried Marigold. And we (especially Marigold) have TMI about brother Alex’s sonogram.

The Gina, Donna, Gabriel relationship moves forward with the speed of the Keith Young prosecution.

Sidney’s boyfriend, David has more than one name.

Dad reveals a big secret.

Sister Irene has a new ward living in her home.

Duncan’s fiancée visits.

And there’s more. These are just the parts that jumped off the gurney at me. The installments progress; the writing is getting increasingly interesting.


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