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Mooning Over a Drink

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Into Pieces by Milo Abrams is a 2016 Kindle Single downloaded through the Kindle Unlimited program. It is a story of family redemption and hope. It would only be unpredictable to a career alcoholic who might want to stick around and see if Robert will win his battle with alcohol.

The Moon is probably going to blow up, at least if you listened to the scientific experts on the daily news. It is about to be hit by two large “asteroids” for want of a better term. Either the moon or the asteroids will be destroyed, but as the story begins, Robert doesn’t care. Robert is comatose and is either drunk, puking from being drunk, or on the way to Grumpy’s Store to get more alcohol so that he can go on being drink. This semi-vegetative state continues to be the norm for 34% of the book.

Somewhere through the haze, he remembers his daughter, Hazel. The two do not communicate any more as Hazel has written off her dad as a hopeless irredeemable drunk. Robert, realizing that the end of the world is just around the corner, writes a letter to his daughter expressing his regret for having been a bad father. Now he must deliver it. Before the end of the world.

During an altercation with a decidedly unfriendly neighbor (with a name like Beast what do you expect?) Robert runs from Beast and hides underneath the trailer of another neighbor, Mossman. Bad move because Mossman produces meth, a rather volatile illegal substance. Mossman’s trailer blows up but so does Robert’s. So does the letter. After a period in the hospital, a period during which there is no alcohol, Robert is off to make amends with Hazel. Or maybe not. Maybe Hazel will not accept Robert. Maybe Robert will celebrate their possible reunification with a drink. Maybe the moon and, with it, the Earth will be destroyed.

This short novel will be of interest to heavy drinkers. They will be able to say “Yep, that is what a mega-hangover feels like.”

This will be of interest to extreme narcissists. They will be able to claim that the end of the world is dependent on their personal success or failure with efforts to curb drinking.

For aspiring writers, this will solve as an example of a project that plods forward to predictable and uninteresting conclusions.

The end of the world because the moon was hit? Not impossible but …


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