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Lucky But Not Heroic

2 min read

This is a Kindle Short that I downloaded through Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Serrailler is to receive a medal for bravery from the Queen of England. While in preparation for receiving his medal, he sees others medal awardees and feels all of them are more deserving than him. After leaving the medals ceremony, Simon walks through an area of London he patrolled as a new PC. He recalls an incident that occurred in his first year when he was first called a hero. He had been involved in an incident of a jewelry store robbery. The thieves had not been caught but Simon had briefly glanced at the face of one of the thieves who had fled on foot. Simon gave chase but lost the trail of the thief. A few days later, while off duty, he sighted the man again and gave chase. The thief tried to use the roofs of buildings to get away and fell through a glass roof of a mall. Falling several stories to a marble ground floor, he was killed. Simon felt guilty about the loss of human life even though the thief was a career criminal with a long record.

Simon was treated as a hero for his off-duty adventure. He was fast-tracked and promoted into the DI (Detective Inspector) ranks. He continued in his career, a career that was now more paperwork than street work. There must have been other dangerous assignments along the way. There had to be some reason for the missing arm.

The big point of this short story is that Simon would never have called himself a hero. He would call himself lucky.

The writing of this short story is good. I must find more of Susan Hill’s writing to discover what happened to Simon.


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