Empathy for a Small Town Life

A Farewell to Walmart by Carly J. Hallman is a Kindle Single (it is short) that I downloaded using a Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription. The

The Reagan Presidency You Thought You Knew

For those readers who have lived through the Reagan years, Finale, A Novel of the Reagan Years by Thomas Mallon will almost seem more heavily

What Is An “Uncannologist?”

The Mysterious Tongue of Dr. Vermilion by Robert Isenberg is a collection of stories which describe incidents of the weird and unusual. These incidents are

Review of ‘Atomic Number Sixty’ by Dave Johnston

This is a note to students in my Literary Appreciation class. I read and reviewed this book elsewhere on this blog. I found this review

Non-Christians, No Need to Read

Stories From Hell with the subtitle A Series Of Fictional Interviews Into The Lives Of Those Who Are Lost Forever by Daniel Aleman was offered

Something is not Cricket Here

A Breach of Security by Susan Hill is a Kindle Single (meaning short) which I downloaded from Kindle Unlimited (KU). This is a very British

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