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The Coma Girl Saga Continues (Part 5)

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Coma Girl by Stephanie Bond (part 5) opens on the first of November and closes on the 30th. Somewhere in there is a US Presidential election which is acknowledged by Marigold’s friend Roberts, during one of her visits. But Stephanie Bond does not write a spoiler. Since this part of the novel end on 30 November, we can assume that Bond knew who won, but she is keeping the knowledge secret.

Coma Girl part 4 ended with more than a hint of violence but I don’t want to spoil that for people who have yet to read that part. I remember that I wrote part 4 ended with one of the biggest surprises to date (that point of the story) and I couldn’t imagine a more surprising cliffhanger (not ending). But part 5 did it. Enjoy the journey as we go from 01 Nov to 30 Nov and see how Marigold’s dysfunctional family is faring. Marigold thinks, listens, and perceives smells but she doesn’t tell any tales, at least not yet.

Sydney, Marigold’s sister, will adopt a new attitude in her relationship with Marigold. She will also encounter a few surprises with her lawyer boyfriend and part time agent who handles money derived from Marigold’s social media fame.

Marigold’s mom will have increased success as a real estate agent. Dad will have less success as a martial arts devotee.

Marigold will learn to appreciate Russian classical music and will count an amazing number of bell rings that contribute to her enjoyment.

Sister Irene visits often but the new she has for Marigold is not the type of news that would inspire Marigold to greater church attendance, even if she could go.

In part 4 Marigold is made privy to a big secret about Dad. He told her his secret during a visit.

In part 5 Marigold is going to hear a big secret from Mom.

If a person (Roberta) steals money to enter a program to cure them of stealing money will the contradictions cause some sort of personality implosion?

On-going mysteries:

Where is a very personal diary written by Marigold?

How is the impending marriage going for Duncan?

Why are Winnie and Faridee snorting Stevia? And what is Stevia, anyway? Does it involve burning candles?

Audrey Parks, a former coma patient who woke up to an existence with unexpected outcomes, returns to Coma Girl’s room (the vegetable patch) for a final visit. How did that go?

This is a very fast-paced novel with so many surprises that I only want to hint at to avoid writing spoilers. I wonder if critics (professionals, not me) will consider this novel the basis of a new genre.


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