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Don’t Threaten Your Defense Attorney

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Although not listed as a Kindle Single or a short story, True Justice by Joshua Grisham is a legal thriller of about 70 pages. I read it through the Kindle Unlimited (KU) program. It is a fast read and ends with a surprise I didn’t see coming at all.

The story opens with Brad Williams, Defense Attorney, reminiscing about a former friend, Senator Benjamin Windsor. Brad and Benjamin had been classmates but their interests had diverged while still retaining some similarities. The Senator was corrupt with a public persona that looked great but private practices that were well hidden from the public. Brad was a defense attorney and, at least in his musings, he admits to having stretched legal rules further than they should have gone.

Brad was not unhappy to see the Senator dead. At the funeral, Brad is contacted by Jonas Baxter, a person who benefits from insider trading. Jonas wants to retain Brad as a defense attorney for a case in which Jonas is a defendant charged with attempted murder of a hooker. She had been beaten badly but wouldn’t die. She had gone to a hotel with Jonas while extremely drunk. When she returned to consciousness after having been beaten, Jonas was the last person she remembered.

Jonas claimed not to have beaten the prostitute. He only took her to the hotel to establish an alibi. While she slept, Jonas slipped out to get insider trading information. When he returned to the hotel he found the prostitute beaten. Brad sees a lot of holes in the story; he is sure his client is withholding something. Jonas refuses to supply details Brad is sure he has. Jonas becomes arrogant and threatens Brad’s family if he, Jonas, is found guilty. Brad becomes extremely angry and decides to exploit his skills at bending some legal procedures to secure the safety of his family while at the same time getting revenge for his clients rude and threatening behavior.

That Brad wins is not a spoiler. How he manipulates the system to win would be a spoiler. It is a short, fast read; the type of story which makes KU valuable.


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