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Dexter’s Deadly Deceptions

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I am attracted to novels with subtitles like “A Psychological-Legal Thriller.” Right to an Attorney by R. Sims carries that subtitle. I visited the Amazon website to look at the reviews, looked at the summary and decided to download the novel from Kindle Unlimited (KU). I am happy that I did not pay for it. It is well written as far as grammar, phrasing, and all the mechanical stuff. It has some unusual vocabulary. I probably will never look at the word “fulfilling” in the same way ever again. But it was disappointing in several ways up to 86% of the novel. After that, it was fast-paced, interesting, with several twists. But I felt like I had paid my dues to get there.

Up to that point (loc3953) the book was shallow as far as character development. This was probably because there were so many characters. Up to location point 1145 (twenty-eight percent of the novel) Sims was still introducing characters. He didn’t end there but most were introduced by this point. There are also aliases for some of the “real-life” characters, a further complication. This was one of the places I wish the Kindle reader X-ray function had been enabled. I could have accessed character descriptions without constantly scrolling highlights. At location point 1205 Dexter takes possession of a 33-page document produced by a private investigator who is investigating the background of several named characters in the novel. There are 38 individuals to be investigated. I didn’t count characters to see if the complete task was carried out but I felt I had met all of them.

There were unnecessary, gratuitous, unbelievable depictions of sexual prowess on the part of Dexter, our main protagonist, admitted murderer, and admitted thief. I am surprised he had the time for anything after all the sexual adventures Dexter has sex all the time, everywhere, with almost everyone although in this novel the socially obligatory nod to the alternate lifestyles communities is missing. He was always perfect in timing. He reports to the reader that he will follow up two hours of foreplay with 45 minutes of the main event. Sometimes vegetables are involved.

For some reason, this novel is divided into 130 chapters. Sims may have done this to have a manageable word count for each chapter; that does not bother me. From the beginning, possibly due to the large number of characters, this made sense. A chapter was devoted to a character or a scene or an idea. This changed at chapter 38; that chapter and chapter 39 are a discussion between primary lawyer Dana and Danielle. The way it spanned two chapters while at the same time the same two chapters introduced other main ideas created a tone I found inconsistent with the structure of the book. Combined with the plethora of characters I was back with my highlighted texts to make sure I knew where I was in the story. This was a lot of work, not an easy read.

Dexter stole more than three billion dollars from 106 investors. We are not introduced to all of them, just two main financial losers. He had an accomplice, Eric, but Dexter decided not to share. Dexter planned a lot of the theft and concealment of funds from prison where he was serving a ten-year term for murder. After release, Dexter had to avoid Eric and any other investor trying to recover funds. He also had to avoid the FBI who wanted him to return to prison stemming from new charges of money laundering, mail fraud, and associated charges. Then there was brother Gerald who wanted Dexter to return to prison not so much for crimes committed but out of revenge because brother Dexter shared his sexual prowess skills with Gerald’s wife.

This is a novel of deception. Everyone is being dishonest with everyone else; nothing is as it appears and that is what keeps the reader going. The actions described are unbelievable and shallow. In addition to being a great sexual partner, Dexter possesses near martial arts skills with his elbow. With the proper application of an elbow bash to the temple, Dexter can either kill a person or introduce amnesia without further brain damage. Dexter sets up a massive scheme to deceive the FBI as well as his victims which involves hiring a score of Dexter doubles who do things to supply Dexter an alibi. Dexter had an East Coast lawyer and a West Coast California lawyer each of which he was having sex with. He told Dana and Janet about each other and promised each of them fantastic sex until they became pregnant. Becoming a father was very important to Dexter. The two lawyers agreed. A possible threesome was in the future.

Agent Laura Frey of the FBI is quite willing to have sex with a person she is investigating in the best interests of the investigation. Refer once again to vegetables; there was a tape.

And lastly, what about the money? Where are the three billion dollars; what is the motivation for stealing it? A humanitarian reason, of course. One-third of the three billion was to go to a charitable institution for the advancement and improvement of autistic children. The institute was run by a female former professor of Dexter. So, we have an oedipal thing going on. In a novel with this much weirdness, why not? And humanitarian Dexter is still left with more than two billion dollars.


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