A Breach of Security by Susan Hill is a Kindle Single (meaning short) which I downloaded from Kindle Unlimited (KU). This is a very British book. That is not a criticism but is to say why I could not appreciate it the way a British or Commonwealth citizen might.

The tale begins at a cricket match. I have no idea about cricket and no desire to study the game. If I did, the first chapters would supply me plenty of new vocabulary with which to begin.

From the cricket game, we move to a scene of a hate crime. With the rise of right-wing political groups in Europe (and I avoid the Trump factor) hate crimes and associated racism is a serious concern for law enforcement types. Again, from my perspective as a US passport holder and ex-law enforcement officer, I cannot understand or appreciate an unarmed police force. I understand the police in England use armed backup forces but it adds a layer to a timed response. Our main protagonist, Simon investigates a hate crime and evaluates its implications for further disruptions during a planned military ceremony which will involve some of the Royals.

We then move to that ceremony. Despite all efforts by police, military, and paramilitary an incident happens. Terrorist in nature, it arrives in the form of a car bomb. Simon is on the scene and manages to take down a terrorist active in the incident.

The identity and motivation of that person surprise Simon. And it will surprise readers of this short story because I am not going to reveal the identity. I was surprised by the identity but more surprised by the rationalization given for the act.

This is a nice short story; it is well written and will fill the time on the train ride to work (especially if it is a British train).

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